Battery Swapping Stations

About the solution

Our e-scooter battery swapping stations optimize the sharing companies’ cost of charging and logistics significantly. The stations are placed in private locations such as garages, and only the official contractor of the sharing company can open, swap and charge the batteries.

With this solution, there is no need to drive diesel vans around the city to carry and charge the batteries. Instead, our boxes serve as charging hubs in the cities where the juicers quickly swap the batteries, and the e-scooters are ready to ride.

The Rollin swapping station

Compatible with any batteries

Integrated: Okai B

Multiple voltage


Multiple charging current


10 to 15 batteries per swapping station

Remote management


RFID card opening

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Our battery swapping stations are ready to charge anywhere in the world and make micromobility more efficient.

Let’s talk if you want to partner with us and optimize your cost of charging.


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